after seeing that 8 ingredients used in most deoderants are BANNED to

to toxidity & causing diseases are STILL used in most store bought

brands I went on a search: THIS is what I found: there is a product

called Crystal which is used world wide & recommended for folks esp who

have had breast cancer; it can be found in "rock" form, or usual

dispensers; it is 100% pure & info can be found at; it

will run you apoximately $7 for the year! Also: for antiperspirant

simply put 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE under the arms; for SPRAY deoderant:

USE SMALL spray bottle; add water & as much BAKING SODA as you can cram

into container without clogging up the spray head; works 24 hours or

more! OR you can use DRY by simply putting either ALL baking soda only;

or 1/2 baking soda AND 1/2 corn starch under arms; Which ever is YOUR

preference you will: save $, not have "disposable" plastics to add to

landfills! (WHY does no one make REFILLS even for the CRYSTAL

deoderants?) & save your health!