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All-in Fitness: 1000 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter
Plus Sports
Genre: Health & Fitness
Release Date: November 13, 2012

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*** "The gym rats dream. From calorie counting to workout tracking, this one does it all." -

*** "Think of every feature you could possibly want in a fitness app...Yeah, they're all there." -

*** "Perfect for the gym rat as well as the weekend warrior." -

*** "Includes everything you need to help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals." -

More than 3,500,000 people around the world are using our Fitness apps!

Fitness encompasses the totality of bodily wellness!

This app is an all-in-one fitness solution to complement the training of fitness enthusiasts at any level!


• HD-quality audio/visual encyclopedia containing 1000 fitness and yoga exercises categorized by muscle group, and equipment!
• 100 ready-made workouts designed by our fitness experts for different goals!
• Create and save your custom workouts!

• Fitness is the ONLY app on the App Store that features a high-quality built-in calorie counter and nutrition guide with a database of over 300,000 foods and recipes!
• Vitamin calculator advises you about your daily vitamin requirements based on your goals!

• Workout calendar so you stay on target!

• Body Tracker lets you accurately monitor the changes in your body!

• The monthly Fitness e-magazine provides helpful articles to keep you informed on fitness and nutrition!
• Access FREE professional support directly from the app!

• Automatically share your progress with updates on Facebook!
• Get motivated as friends and family encourage you in your progress!

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, then join the millions and go for the all-in-one solution: the Fitness app!

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