thinking today about garbage, plastics, tires, etc; I got to thinking

that when my daughter was young & grandkids to they LOVED playing in

boxes; they also loved having "forts" blankets over card table; of

course, I made them & played with them; but it was FUN! I know that

large refrigerator & appliance cardboard boxes are extremely sturdy,

& can be made into "playhouses" but don't withstand a lot of weather;

so: this is MY thought: since none of us (or at least me) don't have

& never did have the $300 for the made toyhouses like lil tykes etc;

those are made out of the same things may of your "containers" are

like laundry tubs etc; and there are old tires I guess galore; that

will last forever; why can't those be washed, cleaned & "cut" to work

as roofs; & other plastics either glued to the cardboard or??? to

make them water proof; like hersheys' chocolate syrup bottles; etc;

wouldn't that be cute? how about teepees for the boys? and old mop &

broom handles; esp wooden ones: they could have the Mop end cut off &

the "broom" end perhaps used to make a south island "hut" for the

kids? as roofing? (over the tires?) and how about using old wooden

handle of mop or broom to make "horses" for the kids? perhaps clean

carpeting? or an inexpensive "velvet" skirt or cordoroy pants cut to

make "head" using buttons, what have you as eyes? just thoughts on

recycling & making something out of what is FREE; & kids would get

more fun out of this anyway is what I am thinking;