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    Default 5 Swap Out Tricks

    5 Swap Out Tricks

    1. When making salad dressing for each Tbsp of pricey balsamic vinegar

    use 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar and 1/2 tsp sugar


    2. Instead of cooking with olive oil try canola which is half the price.

    Save olive oil for dressings or tossing into pastas


    3. Make creamy greek style yogurt by lining a strainer with several

    layers of paper towels. Place over a bowl to catch the excess liquid.

    Dump 1 quart plain low fat yogurt into strainer cover and store in

    fridge overnight. This givess you the consistency that's perfect for

    sauces, dips or eating straight out of the bowl with honey and fruit


    4. Lump crabmeat can set you back some. Instead of making crab cakes

    make salmon cakes with canned salmon, (The red has more flavor but you

    can use the pink also)


    5. Lemons can get expensive: Try a crystalized lemon substitute (True

    Lemon) for sauces, dressings or baking recipes

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    Doh Re: 5 Swap Out Tricks

    great tips! Will pass this on to dh who does most of the cooking.



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