I hate to think that there are actually kids out there that won't get

anything because of finances. If things are that bad, you need to

sign up for programs like Toys for Tots or something similar.

Now, if finances have you down concerning Christmas, instead of just

telling your kids there will be nothing under the tree, maybe you

could tell them that this year you will be celebrating an Old-Fashion

Christmas. Explain to them that there will be no store bought gifts,

only homemade items this year. Get them started now thinking of what

they can make each person on their giving list.

Do the Christmas decorations the same way. String cranberries &

popcorn to make a garland. Make all your own ornaments out of paper,

crayons, markers, glitter, glue, etc.

Let them know that you have written to Santa and told him of your old

fashion Christmas. Tell them he will be assisting you in your

experience. Hang actually socks instead of stockings and Santa can

fill them each with an apple, an orange, some hard candy, and maybe

some mixed nuts. That's what used to be in stockings and is a fond

memory to those who experienced it.

Make breads and cookies for anyone outside your home that you need to

give gifts to this year. A pretty tray of homemade edibles is always


Instead of being down-hearted about your circumstance, get excited

about the new traditions you all will be starting. Focus on Christ

and on your own family. Bake Jesus a birthday cake. Have dad read

special Christmas stories or Bible passages. Look forward to making

snowman together (if it snows where you are). Go Christmas carolling

together on Christmas Eve.

I hope you all will have the best Christmas ever!

Lorraine in GA