I am curious on if any of you have tried it? It is the best price I have seen for the meal replacement shakes. They have "packages" if you want (which include extra 'bonuses'/more jars) or you can get a single jar/container for 50$. It comes in 2 flavors - chocolate and vanilla. The containers are for 30 days. You can also auto-renew if you want.

The highest package at the moment includes 4 jars of mix, 2 bottles of pills they offer (natureshape or something), an e-book and the blender bottle for $159.99 (just to give you an idea). One of the best things about it for me is that it's NOT an MLM like some of the others I have researched.

If you have tried it, what do you think? I am thinking of purchasing either the 2 bottle or 4 bottle myself (so I can try both flavors equally). Everybody I have heard from about it love it but I want more opinions if I can get them