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Game For Two
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 3, 2013

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"An amazing set of modern board games. Rated 5/5. Get the kids thinking, beat the robot or test a friend" @fourlittletesters

***** Gameplay video:

A product of love and friendship. Have fun with friends, lover, family.

Meet friends, playing some fun games with them can make your friendship stronger.
Feel hard to start conversation with someone you love? Play with him/her to break the ice.
Have children? Play with them to become their close friend.

Itís so easy to start and make endless story between you and others.

***** WHATíS INSIDE? *****

1- CARO: a classic game, easy to play yet hard to master. Challenge your friend in this game to find out the winner.

2- CO GANH: a special Vietnamese traditional chess, will give you a lot of surprises while playing with friends.

3- TILING: Make lines, get tiles. Looks familiar? Not really. Give it a try and youíll love it.

4- COLORING: Fill polygons, get points! Innovative gameplay from our designer!

5- OTHELLO (or REVERSI): Friends or Foes?

Thereís also single player mode where you can play with the artificial intelligence (with 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard)

***** Review by a parent:

"What I liked best about Game for Two was playing it with my daughter. She is always up for games that challenge her and games that she can beat me at. This app gave her the opportunity for both. We both found games that played to our individual strengths. Each of these games requires strategy and critical thinking. "

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