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Bank Rush
Avko Labs LLC
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 15, 2012

Do you feel the potential of the elusive robber? You think that you can escape from the prison and rob banks. Then itís your turn to become a prisoner and commit robbery of the century. Way to freedom is not easy and you need to escape police and use special abilities to get to the island with money.


Main game features:
- A charismatic protagonist
- 2 dynamic game modes: Escape, Survival
- Plenty of game bonuses: Cash, Dynamite, Rocket, Steel Bubble, Glider etc
- Lots of different types of upgrades: Strong Rope, Earth Resistance, Enemy Resistance, Longer Boost, Boost Power and more you can find at our cute game shop
- A lot of enemies and obstacles
- Board of achievement
- Responsive controls
- A unique graphic design

If you are ready than wear a uniform and start the crime. Wealth and freedom are waiting for you. Your robbery will be a legend and will be an example for the rest of the robbers.


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