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DayDream - Alarm Clock
Henry Kurtze
Genre: Health & Fitness
Release Date: February 28, 2013

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Do you feel inspired in the morning?
Brighten your morning with blue sky.

* Features *
- Intelligent alarm clock
- Animated blue sky
- Inspiring daily quotes
- Melodies + iTunes music
- Nature soundscapes
- Night mode

* Top 10 Health & Fitness *
Wake up to a better tomorrow with DayDream

* The Science Behind DayDream *
- Humans are naturally drawn to the sky
- Our eye contains a blue-sky detector called 'melanopsin'
- Science shows that blue light can regulate our biological clock
- Blue light can also improve well-being, mood and alertness
- If nature doesn't deliver blue sky - spend a few minutes with DayDream

* Customer Reviews *
"Daydream is beautiful, functional and contributes to more positivity in the world" -djs51

"Everyone needs an alarm clock, everyone needs inspiration and what a great way to combine the two!" - Staplesjane

* Media Reviews *
"It's a beautifully designed App - simplistic and effective." - The Strand

"Wake up with a set of eternally gleeful and inspirational quotes from the likes of Oscar Wilde." - iGeekBlog

"I'm pretty sick of waking up to the Harp sound, aren't you?" - CowGirl Apps

* Blue Sky - Further Reading *


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