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War of the Fallen
Zynga Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: April 11, 2013

"War of the Fallen is the right way to make a mobile card battler" - Kotaku
"The focus on quality is plain to see on every card" - Kotaku

COLLECT. FIGHT. RULE. The ultimate multiplayer card battle awaits. Follow your Dreamling spirit guide Lexa as you collect cards, level them up, and use their power to dominate enemies, bosses, and other players. Guilds and friends provide strength in battle.

The Great Comet, the ancient prison of the Old Gods, has shattered and crashed into the northern regions of Tyreon. Its fragments have become Shardstones, which imprison any creature they touch, many infected with madness.
Only Shardbreakers have the ability to break the shards and command the powerful characters trapped within. Align with a kingdom and battle through ten realms to reach the Great Comet and the final showdown with The Deceiver, protector of Ixil, the mad god at the Cometís heart.

∑ Choose from over 100 special battle skills and find strategic combinations to create a unique deck thatís nearly unbeatable.
∑ Join a guild and build your Guild Force, a new power that lets your teammates directly boost your cards.
∑ Fight others to win treasures that allow you to evolve & strengthen your deck.
∑ Rule the leader boards and claim rewards.
∑ Immerse yourself in the rich story and characters of Tyreon as you progress and find more rare cards.
∑ Enjoy beautiful game visuals and animated cards, intuitive menu navigation, and a deep questing experience.
∑ Play FREE.

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