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    Default Favorite 5 item meal tuna tettrazinni

    My dd loves tuna tettrazinni - here's our quick cheap fast version.....

    1 can tuna ( or more if desired or large batch)
    1 can early june peas (or other vegi good w/mixed vegi or corn etc)
    1 can cream of mush soup
    about 1/2 to 3/4 can milk (I've even used powder & its fine)
    Speg pasta.

    I don't use onions or celery etc b/c my family wont eat them but you can add
    to whatever you like.
    this is fast only about 10 minutes for the pasta & the heat of the pasta
    usually warms everything else

    I've made this with chicken, turkey, tuna, and dd never knows the
    difference. Its the one meal I know she'll actually eat meat.

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