List Price: $241.99 Deal Price: $159.99 You Save: $22.57 (34%)The Philips GoPure Automotive Air Purification System allows you to enjoy healthy air on the go. The GoPure system has a 3-stage filtering process that helps reduce bad odors and removes pollutants, viruses, germs, bacteria, harmful gasses, dust, and pollen. The GoPure system is equipped with an Air Quality Improvement Indicator, Filter Replacement Indicator, and Night Driving Mode. The Air Quality Improvement Indicator has a three color intelligent sensor that shows the quality of air; blue means very good, deep purple means good and light purple means low air quality. The Filter Replacement Indicator warns you when to change the filter for optimal performance. The Night Driving Mode light sensor automatically dims to minimize glare during the night. Philips GoPure includes a 12 Volt plug and windshield suction mount for easy installation in the front on the dashboard, on the floor or passenger seat. The system has two speeds; normal mode that automatically switches on at the start of the vehicle and boost mode with a powerful motor that cleans the air at a higher speed. While in boost mode it only takes 10 minutes to improve the air quality in your vehicle. Expires May 7, 2013

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