<blockquote style="border-left: 2px solid rgb(16, 16, 255);">Years ago, I got bitten badly by mosquitos
and was complaining in the grocery store. The
lady behind me said I was being bitten because my
liver was filled with toxins. She put me on an herb
plan. I lost quite a bit of weight, slept much better,
my clothes didn't have sweat stains, my eyeglasses
and earrings didn't get a green sticky film.

It was the strangest thing, but it sure worked for me.

If I were bothered by mosquitos now, I would start with the
phase I diet at knowthecause.com

Also mosquitos may be attracted to your laundry detergent
or fabric softener. We use Miracle II for all our cleaning
and laundry, showers, brushing teeth.

If you can make one change in your diet,
corn, everything with corn in it, corn syrup.

It will take a few months to see a difference.

God bless