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Spartan Wars: Elite Edition
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 4, 2012
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FREE for today, the Elite Edition of Spartan Wars comes with a unique God Card, a $9.99 Value!

Get the Elite Edition of Spartan Wars to automatically receive a unique God, Persephone, who will add three devastating combat skills in addition to three helpful management skills to your arsenal

Harness the power of mythology’s greatest figures as you lead your army of blood-thirsty Spartans toward world domination! The world is waiting for a leader like you.

After rising to become the ultimate world force in the 5th century B.C., the world is colonized by Spartans but there is no peace. We were raised from birth to fight and conquer for honor and glory, and we will have it. The world is about to drenched in the blood of the brave. Let the Spartan Wars begin!

Build your city at the heart of your empire, expanding with barracks, soldiers, and blood or with academies, scouts, and embassies. Join thousands of players from around the world as you create alliances and contend with powerful forces across vast continents.

Spartan Wars Features:

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