List Price: $99.95 Deal Price: $24.99 You Save: $25.00 (75%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Oooh, you're so tense. How does that feel right there? Sore? Let's see what we can do to loosen you up. Let me just attach these electrodes here- No, no, you'll be fine! I promise! You'll be BETTER than fine. This is the Prospera PL009 electronic pulse massager, and it uses mild, high-frequency electrical impulses to relieve pain. It gently stimulates the nerves, blocks pain signals, and supports the body's natural healing and recovery processes. I know it might be hard to get your head around the idea of using electricity for massage. The first people to see movies ran away from the screen, thinking an actual train was coming toward them. You'll get used to it." Expires Apr 14, 2013

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