Smart ways to use clean yogurt containers

Mini window garden! Poke holes in bottom of yourt containers. Fill with

soil. Plant your seeds and use the lids as saucers


Portion control for pennies! Take a pass on those pricey 100 cal snack

packs. Just clean out a yogurt container with 60 goldfish crackers, 40

pretzel sticks or 28 grapes. Viola 100 cals or under. Portable snacks

that wont blow your diet or budget.


Free sippy cups! Cut a small X in the lid and insert a straw. Then fill

the perfect for kids size cup with milk or juice.


Super scooper! Those wholesale club size bags of rice, flour and cereal

may be a great deal but they are way too big to pour from. To the

rescue: a clean yogurt container. Just toss one into each of those super

size bags. It will be easy to scoop put portions or refill a smaller



Build better sandcastles! Stash clean yogurt containers in your beach

bag for he kids to use when creating sandcastles. They are the perfect

size for transporting water to wet he sand.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle.But you don't have the picture on the front

of the box to know what it's supposed to look like.Sometimes you're not

even sure if you have all the pieces.