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    Default Stretch your Summer Meals with Melon

    Stretch your Summer Meals with Melon

    Honey of a Honeydew Soup! Whizz honeydew chunks in a blender with a

    little thawed frozen limeade concentrate, honey and a little grated lime

    zest. Serve chilled


    Mint and Melon! Arrange imitation crabmeat chunks, watermelon slices,

    goat cheese and lettuce on a platter.Drizzle with red wine vinaigrette.

    Sprinkle with chopped mint


    Ham wrapped Honeydew! Wrap thin ham slices around honeydew slices.

    Drizzle with olive oil. Serve with lime


    Orange Melon Smoothie! Puree cantaloupe chunks in blender with copped

    orange segments, vanilla yogurt and ice cubes


    Watermelon Salad! Mix watermelon chunks, diced tomato, chopped red

    onion, cilantro and some balsamic vinegar. Serve with tortilla chips or

    grilled chicken or fish.

    Life is like a jigsaw puzzle.But you don't have the picture on the front

    of the box to know what it's supposed to look like.Sometimes you're not

    even sure if you have all the pieces.

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    This one is worth resharing!



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