I have never had a problem with mosquitoes on my clothes. dd likes to save aluminum cans to turn in for cash. Last year she had left the top off of the trash can she was using to collect the cans. Rain water got in the can and soon it was swarmed with mosiquitoes the can was not more than 5 feet from my clothes line and I never had mosquitoes on the clothes.

Maybe their is some kind of breeding ground in your yard like I had. If you find the source you can eliminate them. Again I don't know why they swarmed your clothes though becuase these never did. Maybe the scent from your laundry detergent or something is drawing them. I never use fabric softener and I only use 3 T. of Laundry detergent to wash the tiny load of laundry I wash daily. So maybe their was no scent to entice them.

Tracy in VA


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