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    Tracy Feuer

    Default Thank You cards

    How long did your son have between the time of receiving the gift and leaving for boot camp. Boy if I gave a graduation gift to any young person who was headed straight into the military I would not be concerned about not getting a thank you card. In fact I think I should send him one.

    So tell your son Thank You from Tracy in VA or in Virgina Algonquin Kenaugh.

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    Default Thank You cards

    personally -I don't expect thank you notes, but I do believe that it's a nice gesture... and if you're going to write them for him, I guess I don't really see the point... but as Tracy said - I think we should all be grateful to him for what he's doing... so, anyway, I don't really think I answered your question - I guess I would consider the people that the cards would be going to... another thought would be a simple phone call and telling them thank you... I hope, somewhere in my babbling, I was able to help!

    good luck )




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