Melissa - I can give you some help with the gardening. Go to the

library and get Mel Bartholomews All New Squarefoot Gardening. Also,

do web searches for squarefoot gardening and lasagne gardening. I

homeschool also, and my son and I have learned gardening together. He

has learned to build the gardens, design, buy and install the drip

irrigation, and loves working in the garden even if he hates most of

the veggies. He looks at it as doing what he can to support his family

in these hard times and gets a lot of pride out of his

accomplishments. Heck, so do I. Nothing tastes as good as a meal that

mostly came from my garden. I understand the black thumb. Mine is

slowly going from black to light brown. Hopefully the more I learn,

the greener it will become. Where there is a will, there is a way.