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    Default Re: DIY: Home remedies for Dandruff

    My mom took cosmetology in the 1960s in those days the treatment for dandruff was listerine. I terrible problems with dandruff, itchy skalp. I tried this recently and the problem cleared up for about 6 months. I think the culprit is actually a fungus and the alchohol in the listerine is probably what did the trick. This morning I noticed a bottle of cheap perfume my sister had given me as part of one of those buble bath gift sets at christmas. I had used the bubble bath and shower gel but was never going to use the perfume. I poured the perfume over my head while I was in the tub. waiting a few minutes and rinsed my hair. Not itching or flakes of course the primary ingredient in the perfume was alchohol. So I am probably good for 6 more months.

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