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Webr - Create beautiful websites in minutes
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Genre: Productivity
Release Date: June 29, 2012

Webr lets you create, publish and edit dynamic websites from your
iPhone, or iPod touch, and now from your Mac or Windows PC. Perfect to
build a website for your business, to write a blog or simply to share
your photos in our beautiful galleries.

You don’t need to be an IT expert; no knowledge of design or coding is
required. Simply download webr and follow these four simple steps…

1. Title your website
2. Add Image, Text or Blog pages
3. Choose a theme
4. Publish

It then couldn’t be simpler to maintain and update the content of your
website through your iPhone or via the new Webr online app which can
be used on your Mac or Windows PC.

Features List:

- Gallery of beautiful website themes
- Easily add unlimited Image, Text and Blog pages
- Choose your own unique website URL
- Markdown text editor
- Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
- Password protect your site
- No forced advertising
- Powerful cloud hosting
- Fast & helpful support

Advanced Features:

- Create a logo for your website
- Add meta data to your website from your iPhone, improving your site’s SEO- Access detailed site traffic stats
- Enable RSS on your website


You can forward a different domain name to your webr site. Domain name
forwarding lets you automatically direct visitors from a different
domain to your webr website. In order to do this you need to login to
your domains’ account and paste your webr URL in the Forward to field.

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