Free* Outdoor Water Efficiency Kit

An Outdoor Water Efficiency Kit is free to qualified** EMWD residential customers.
The Kit includes the following:

  • 5 Rain gauges to measure your irrigation efficiency
  • Hose End Repair Kit
  • Drip counter (measures how many gallons are lost due to a small drip/leak)
  • 7 Pattern Water Savings Hose Nozzle
  • Aerial photo & measurement of your irrigated landscape area
  • How to use this kit brochure
  • Irrigation worksheet
  • Return envelope

**The following conditions must apply In order for a customer to be eligible for a free Outdoor Water Efficiency Kit:
1) Customer is NOT staying within their water budget and is paying charges in the "Excessive" and "Wasteful" tiers.
2) Customer has verified that the landscape square footage and correct number of people in the home is accurate or has completed a variance.

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