BECAUSE of the powerful disinfecting effectiveness of the 2 combination

& the effective spray you can disinfect produce with I am thinking

folks that THIS could be taken a step further & used with meats; in

fact, I am sure that if I keep searching & googling etc I will find

that this may even be recommended to "marinate" meat in this

combination (using cider vinegar to taste); which would effectively

kill bacteria & viruses etc; see disinfecting your home with these

combo's; ****please NOTE: hydrogen peroxide DOES come in higher

percentages however, all info I have provided is using ONLY the 3%

which is readily available for 39cents or 2 for $1.00; I have not

researched any info on higher percentage amounts & quite frankly if the

3% does such an excellent job I do not think I would use any higher

percentage. What would be the point? Stronger is not always better, esp

if using on edibles etc. Feel free to investigate & post findings if

want to. However, I feel quite comfortable using this as a "marinade"

to be sure all meats are safe. Has anyone got any info on this? Perhaps

even adding herbs, seasonings etc to it? Or use this combo 1st, & then

season probably would be best, I am thinking.