it is totally inexcuseable for these folks to have freeloaded on you

for so long; go to the people YOU say would be upset if you turned

these freeloaders out & have a family conference with them; let them

know your situation & that you can no longer continue this way (without

anger & emotions; put your facts down on paperwork & "practice" what

you will say: far more effective; let THEM take the freeloaders home

with them; or put up $ to help; they have a choice; also I have found

tremendously saving $ tips for everything from laundry soaps, stain

removers, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide & white vinegar; that save

bundles of $ & the super whammy duo listed kill samonila, (sp) e coli,

& other nasties plus all viruses & bacteria without toxins; and FAR

more effective than even bleach; or Lysol; utilize every option

available & then tell the person after family conference: which I am

hoping they will have suggestions which are usable: what the options

are & set a time they need to have income coming in or they need to

leave; like 2 weeks or whatever.