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    Default Anyone know of any good websites for GOOD baby stuff coupons??

    I am looking for great websites for good baby stuff coupons cause as we

    all know the economy sucks and gas isnt getting any cheaper then add in

    a new baby and it just gets harder. I have been on several sites where

    you have to fill out surveys that never ends to get stuff like diaper

    bags etc, but the surveys keeps going on and on or you have to buy

    something and thats just not for me. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Ann Garner

    Default Anyone know of any good websites for GOOD baby stuff coupons??

    Take a piece of paper and a pen with you the next time you go to the

    store. Or you might even check any items you have at home. Look at

    the packages of baby stuff, and find web addresses and/or toll-free

    phone numbers. Give each company a call. Tell them you have a new

    baby, and simply ask if they have any coupons for their products

    available. Some companies have regular mailings of coupons. If you

    are already using their product(s), tell them and let them know your

    opinion of their product. If you use their competitor's product, or

    have tried it, let them know how the 2 things compare. I've done

    that before with cleaners, soups, all kinds of stuff, and have been

    offered coupons.

    Just remember, it never hurts to ask, and a polite request quite

    often gets wonderful results.

    Ann in Arkansas



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