We have a "family tax" jar that the kids have to chip in 10% of any money they make by working (allowances, extra chores, etc - gifts don't count). Then when the jar starts to fill up, we use that money for a family treat - ice cream, a movie, nothing big but something that a) gets them used to the idea that they will be giving a portion of any income they make to someone else (taxes, health plan, etc) but that b) everyone benefits together. It's not big money but they're also learning how quickly small amounts add up.

We (parents) used to contribute to this jar too with extra income but now we put that money directly against our mortgage instead. Again, its not big amounts but we&#39;ve knocked about 7 years off our mortgage already - it should be paid off in time to start thinking about college tuition <g>.


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Hi Maria,

I also keep a can of change. I don&#39;t ever spend my change and store the quarters and dimes in my &#39;secret place&#39; for things I want that I would never buy because we can&#39;t afford it or for emergency money and put the pennies and nickels in our family room so that the kids can grab some money if they want to fit in with a soda or whatever with their friends.That has worked best for us and I&#39;ve found they really think about how much and what they spend the change on.They can also see how much money is in the
container, so I really think they&#39;ve got a sense of &#39;do I want to use this now or later&#39;. (Of course I&#39;d get the change convertedinto larger amounts before the zoo trip.)

Tammy <img>

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The church Ive been going to is having a day trip this coming
Saturday,and I need to bring a sack lunch for both me and my son,we are
going to spend the day at the zoo,I need to fix something out of my
pantry(what I have on hand) as I am broke,I also dont have a small

cooler/and or anything insulated to keep things cold/cool. ANy ideas on
what I can prepare? I know this may be a problem with my son as he is
going to want to do what the others will do(buy from the conssession

stands there)but if your broke your broke!(I can send my pantry
inventory if nessesary. Thanks


Val Coulman