This Martha Stewart Crafts Scoreboard Kit includes a Scoring Board and Adhesive Tab and Roll - the perfect combination for crafting envelopes, invitations, gift boxes, and so much more. The 14-inch-by-13-inch Scoring Board scores flawless, crisp lines in seconds. Features top and side measurement guides to 12-1/2-inches with grooves every 1/8-inch. Includes convenient storage compartment, an envelope guide, bone folder and project instruction booklet. The Adhesive Tab and Roll dispenser offers dual function for applying permanent glue. Push down for a 1/2-inch square of glue or roll across paper to dispense a length of adhesive. Includes 32.8-feet of 3/8-inch adhesive, instructions on dispensing adhesive and refilling (refills sold separately). Expires Apr 13, 2013

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