Most places do not teach their servers - or kitchen staff - how to recognize the varying degrees of "doneness"<SPAN class="187514413-17062008"> for steak.

Here's how you do it:

Make a loose fist. Press down gently on the area between your thumb and first finger - that is how a steak should respond/feel when it is rare.

Tighten your fist a bit. Again, press down on the same area. That is what medium should feel like.

Finally, make a tight fist. That is what a well done piece of meat should feel like.

This information will also help you at home, so you don't have to cut into the steak to see how it is cooked, and thereby lose some of the juices.<SPAN class="187514413-17062008"> *Careful you don't burn your fingertip*

~Enjoy !~

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