<SPAN class="062373213-17062008">If you have anelectric<SPAN class="062373213-17062008"> outage during the summer tryDRY ICE, It work's great!
here we can get it 99 cents a lb.For a large freezer, youde need
probally a good 15 lbs of it,<SPAN class="062373213-17062008">approx<SPAN class="062373213-17062008">1-3 blocks per shelf.

[FONT](We<SPAN class="062373213-17062008"> use this insted of ice when camping, if were camping long trips, like
a 3-5-7 day trip, We place the meats under the dry ice, and it stays
Frozen! The stuff we use daily, we put on top, which doesnt freeze.
Dry ice works great, and it usally last's 3-5 days<SPAN class="062373213-17062008">.

~Enjoy !~

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