1 can crescent roll dough <BR itxtvisited="1">1 package instant vanilla pudding <BR itxtvisited="1">1 tub chocolate frosting <BR itxtvisited="1">Milk <BR itxtvisited="1">Cooking spray <BR itxtvisited="1">Foil <BR itxtvisited="1"><BR itxtvisited="1">1. Cover the end of a stick with aluminum foil, and coat with cooking spray. Wrap a crescent roll around the foil, and squeeze the end shut. <BR itxtvisited="1">Cook over the campfire until done. Slide the crescent off of the stick, and fill with instant pudding. (For an easier tip- mix your pudding mix and milk in a large ziploc bag, seal andsquish until its completely mixed. To fill your eclairs, simply snip off 1 corner and squeeze.) <BR itxtvisited="1">Finish by spreading frosting on top, and you have a tasty campfire<SPAN class="531580313-17062008">eclair!<SPAN class="531580313-17062008"> enjoy!

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