Add cut-up fruit to hot or cold cereal

Mix fruit with yogurt

Make a fruit smoothie

Eat a piece of fruit

Drink a small glass of juice

Use fruit instead of syrup on waffles or pancakes

Have peanut butter and bananas on toast

Add vegetables to your omelet or scrambled egg


Microwave a sweet potato or a portion of frozen vegetables

Enjoy baby carrots

Keep a snack size box of raisins in your purse

Drink a can of reduced sodium vegetable juice

Eat a piece of in-season fresh fruit

Munch on dried fruit

Buy individual containers of canned fruit


Add fruit to a generous portion of salad greens

Have a double portion of hot vegetables as a side dish

Mix together cottage cheese with your favorite fruit

Have fresh fruit for dessert

Try roasting vegetables—they're tasty hot, cold or at room


Add raw vegetables to your sandwich

Enjoy a cup of vegetable soup

Have a pizza with extra vegetables

Substitute black beans for meat

Add vegetables to pasta