1. Prevent clinks, clanks and cracks: Loading your dishwasher with

stemware and other delicate glassware? Place sponges between them as

buffers to prevent chips and dings.


2. Keep veggies crunchy: Sick of soggy spoiled produce? Toss a dry

sponge in the bottom of your crisper drawer. It will absorb the moisture

that causes fruits and veggies to go bad.


3. Soften Clothes: Lost your fabric softener ball? Just dampen a sponge

with fabric softener and toss it in.The sponge will slowly release the

softener during the cycle.


4. Keep your plants hydrated: When repotting a plant. Cut a sponge to

fit in the bottom of the pot. If you ever over water the sponge will

absorb the excess and re release it when the plant gets thirsty,


5. Swipe off Fido fur: Pooch hair all over your clothes? Dampen a

sponge.Wring it out and wipe it over the furry spots.It will pick up

hair a in a flash.


6. Got a gap between your air conditioner and the window frame? Plug it

in with a sponge to stop hot air from entering and forcing your unit

into budget busting overdrive

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