List Price: $299.99 Deal Price: $149.99 You Save: $150.00 (50%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "You can scrub your countertops. You can vacuum your carpets. You can scrape off the scum everywhere from your vegetable crisper to your garage floor. But what do you do when the crud in your house is in THE VERY AIR ITSELF? You get the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier, that's what. Two fans bring double the airflow to scour dust, dander, pollen, smoke, and all kinds of allergens out of the air. The Truman Cell filter nabs the particles, the Helios Shield absorbs the odors, and you're left with neat and tidy air in any room up to 200 square feet. Until somebody invents a mop that can scrub oxygen, you've got the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier." Expires Mar 10, 2013

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