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Release Date: December 3, 2012
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SketchPhrase is the hilarious drawing telephone game that matches words and wits with your friends. You will be on the floor laughing as you and your friends interpret each others phrases and drawings in this addicting turn-based drawing and writing game.


&#34;The core idea behind SketchPhrase is so silly it’s difficult not to have fun with it.&#34; - 148 Apps

&#34;If you like games like Pictionary, then buy SketchPhrase. It’s low-commitment and low-pressure, and you can play every game at your own pace.&#34; - Appolicious


This is the AD-FREE version which includes:
36 Colors
8 Brushes
And of course, NO ADS!

Aspiring artist? Witty wordsmith? See how you stack up in the SketchPhrase community. Level up when friends reward your clever work by &#39;Starring&#39; them.


• Turn-based Multiplayer - Play online with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail. The more friends, the more fun!
• Party Mode - Add instant fun to your next party as you play offline on a single device with pass and play!
• Gallery - All of your games will be saved to view later. Favorite your best work to quickly find it later.
• Explore, enjoy, and star other player&#39;s games in the Hall of Fame, Daily Top Games, and What&#39;s Hot (trending).
• Integrated Matchmaking - We will automatically match you with your Facebook friends. Or choose to send games directly to a specific friend.
• View anyone&#39;s gallery of their best work by clicking their avatar.
• Leaderboards - Level up your drawing and writing skills and see how you stack up against your friends.

• Achievements - Over 40 achievements to earn in-game!
• Custom Water Color Brushes - Blend colors and create true works of art with our specialty brushes.
• Color Packs - Additional colors to brighten up your drawings.
Share with your Friends! Post your masterpieces & witty phrases to Facebook & Twitter.
• Asynchronous Multiplayer - Play at your own pace.
• Push notifications - Be alerted when games you participated in are completed and when friends send you game invites.
• Universal App with iPhone5 Support
• Free Daily Rewards! Log in daily to earn a chance to win 4 unique colors!
• Please keep it clean as your games can be viewed by all ages. Report users who are out of line. Repeat offenders will be banned from the game.
• If you report a user you will no longer get matched in games with that user.

Detailed Instructions:
This is a mobile rendition of the classic pencil and paper drawing telephone game which is known to some as ‘Chinese Whispers’ and others endearingly as ‘Eat Poop You Cat’. The game mashes the drawing interpretation elements of ‘Pictionary’ with the miscommunication elements of ‘Telephone’.

SketchPhrase begins with one player writing a phrase, any phrase.

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