How to Make an Ice Bowl

This is from a cooking class that someone took and they made a lot of neat
little things for decorating the table.
Take one 6 quart bowl and one 3 quart bowl. Fill the larger bowl 1/2 way up
with DISTILLED water. Put the smaller bowl inside the other bowl and tape it
down with freezer tape. Let it stick up a little above the bigger bowl. Take
some fresh flowers and arrange them around the sides along with some
greenery. Freeze the bowl for 2 days. Take out and let sit until you can
remove the bowls. You have a perfect ice bowl very clear and beautifully
decorated. You can put sherbet in it, or even some shrimp. Place the bowl on
a silver tray, that has sides, of course. Place a few paper towels on it and
then place a decorative doily on top of that. It is so beautiful. In two
hours it will melt, but if you just drain the water off the tray every hour,
it doesn't really melt all that fast. Put it back in the bowl when finished,
and put the other bowl inside, and fill the sides back up with distilled
water and tape it down. Put it back in the freezer, and it will be ready for
your next party. Don't run water in it to get it out. It will crack the bowl
and destroy it. Let it thaw out naturally to remove from bowls. You can also
do this with two coffee cans, so it can hold a bottle of wine. Simply

~Enjoy !~
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