Waterproof The aXtion Pro caries the highest waterproof rating available IP68. This means you can use the case underwater continuously without any water getting in. Now you can use your phone with confidence at the lake, on the construction site, or even in the kindergarten classroom and never fear water, mud, or spills. And for ultimate underwater usefulness, the aXtion Pro accommodates waterproof headphones. Shockproof Drop it. Stomp it. Throw it. Kick it. The aXtion Pro case is designed to endure anything your active life throws at it while keeping your device safe and sound. aXtion Pro is even rated to pass military grade standards (MIL-STD-810) for unsurpassed shockproof protection. Easy, Light, Thin aXtion Pro cases install using simple lever action to create their impressive seal. The case adds little weight to your device, and keeps the thinnest profile possible with such massive protection. Expires Mar 26, 2013

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