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Mega Dragon Run
Human G&A
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 27, 2013

If you have never met these funny and extremely courageous dragons, than you haven't met a real dragon.

Your family was separated from your mother, by a very cruel cave people, who are holding her as a hostage in a cage, while boiling the water and collecting enough fire wood for the giant soup that they are planning to cook her in! We must save her and reunite our family.

We must finish a variety of dangerous achievements to find and free our mother.

You will run and jump on floating platforms, spit fire and burn enemies.

We must fight till our last breath in a journey full of action in order to save our mother.

Key features:

* Bonus feature of an epic battle on final achievement completion!

* Uniquely designed Dragons like you never seen before!

* Stylized cartoon worlds!

* High speed platform action!

* Lots of power-ups and collectables!

* Many bonus Achievements!

* Multiplayer mode!

* Quick mode

and much more!


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