1. Go to Recyclebank.com/login

2. If you haven't already, Register for a new account using the link above, no need to activate account, just register.

3. Log in

4. Then Click on the Following link:

This one requires effort.

  1. Purchase specially marked boxes of Ziploc® Snack and Sandwich bags when you see “Ziploc® brand bags are now recyclable” on the top of the box.
  2. Find the Recyclebank Points Code printed inside the box and enter it on this page in the points code box.
  3. Recycle your clean and dry Ziploc® bags at your local grocery stores’ plastic bag recycling center.
  4. Use your points for great rewards like discounts on Ziploc® products. If you get these rewards, you’ll be entered into our Ziploc® Rewards sweeps

7 pts for:

  • 50 Count Sandwich Bags
  • 50 count Snack Bags
  • 30 Count XL Sandwich Bags

10 pts for:

  • 100 Count Snack Bags

12 pts for:

  • 100 Count Sandwich Bags