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    Default MYO: Soft Ice-Cream

    <FONT color="#000099">Soft Ice-Cream
    <FONT color="#000099">1 C. instant powdered milk
    <FONT color="#000099">3 C. water
    <FONT color="#000099">3 Tbl. honey
    <FONT color="#000099"><FONT color="#000099">

    <FONT color="#000099">Mix in blender, put in a shallow tray and freeze until solid. To serve, break into small chunks and beat until soft. Top as desired.

    <SPAN class="453004812-05062008"><FONT face="Century" color="#000099">Add flavorings as desired

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    Kim Mangels

    Default MYO: Soft Ice-Cream

    We like to make kick the can ice cream sometimes. Put some of your

    favorite ice cream mix(homemade or bought) in a zippie bag and then

    put it in a can with ice and salt, put the lid on and kick it or shake

    it for about 20 minutes. Fun for the kids and it'll keep them out of

    your hair for a while. LOL You could even have each kid do their own.



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