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Genre: Games
Release Date: January 22, 2013
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Three years ago, a strange alien artifact was discovered in Pluto. The Terran Space Navy has conducted a space expedition to study this new discovery. Some speculate that this expedition is sinister in nature. But the mission has remained top secret.

5 days ago, a swarm of deadly alien creatures invaded and consumed the space center.

These aliens will soon attack the Earth as their next target! To protect the Earth from impending doom, the Terran Space Navy will deploy Operation: Spear Space - a solo mission via the SSI Mark I to counter-attack these creatures. To which, the Earth must take this chance to form a full defense force.

You are a member of the elite space team and the pilot of the SSI Mark I. You are tasked to destroy all alien creatures bound for the Earth. The fate of the human race and planet Earth is in your hands!



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