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Quick & Easy Steak Salad Prep Time:25 min Total Time:25 min Makes:4 servings

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    Default Summer-Fresh Salads

    Quick & Easy Steak Salad

    Prep Time:25 min

    Total Time:25 min

    Makes:4 servings

    5 cups torn romaine lettuce

    2 small plum tomatoes, sliced

    1 yellow pepper, halved, grilled and cut into strips

    1 lb. beef flank steak, grilled, sliced

    1/2 cup Natural 2% Milk Reduced Fat Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese


    1/2 cup Light Zesty Italian Reduced Fat Dressing

    COVER four salad plates with lettuce.

    TOP with tomatoes, peppers, meat and cheese.

    DRIZZLE with dressing just before serving.


    Chicken Fajita Salad

    Prep Time:10 min

    Total Time:40 min

    Makes:4 servings, about 2 cups each

    1/4 cup lime juice

    1 tsp. chili powder

    4 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves

    1 each: red and green pepper, quartered

    8 cups torn leaf lettuce

    1/4 cup chopped red onions

    1/2 cup Mexican Style Cheese Crumbles

    1/2 cup Light Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing

    MIX lime juice and chili powder; pour over chicken in shallow dish.

    Cover; refrigerate 20 min. to marinate.

    Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade.

    PREHEAT grill to medium heat. Grill chicken and peppers 5 min. on

    each side or until chicken is cooked through and peppers are tender.

    CUT chicken diagonally into thin strips; set aside. Cut peppers into

    thin slices; place in large bowl. Add lettuce and onions; mix

    lightly. Divide among four salad plates; top with chicken. Sprinkle

    evenly with cheese; drizzle with dressing.


    Crunchy Poppyseed Chicken Salad

    Prep Time:15 min

    Total Time:15 min

    Makes:4 servings

    4 cups broccoli slaw

    2 large red peppers, thinly sliced (about 2 cups)

    4 carrots, shredded (about 2 cups)

    1 can (8 oz.) pineapple tidbits, drained

    1 pkg. (6 oz.) Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Cuts

    1/2 cup Creamy Poppyseed Dressing

    1/4 cup Cashews

    COMBINE all ingredients except dressing and cashews in large bowl.

    ADD dressing; toss to coat.

    SPRINKLE with cashews just before serving.


    Thai Pork with Savoy Cabbage Printer Friendly

    Prep Time:15 min

    Total Time:1 hr 15 min

    Makes:4 servings, about 1-1/2 cups each

    3/4 cup Light CATALINA Dressing

    1 pork tenderloin (1 lb.)

    3 Tbsp. lite soy sauce

    5 cups finely shredded savoy cabbage

    1/2 cup thinly sliced red onions

    2 Tbsp. sesame seed, toasted

    2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro

    POUR 1/4 cup of the dressing over meat in shallow dish; cover.

    Refrigerate 30 min. to marinate, turning meat after 15 min. Remove

    meat from marinade; discard marinade.

    PREHEAT grill to medium heat. Grill meat 30 min. or until cooked

    through, turning after 15 min. Cool slightly. Cut into thin strips;

    set aside.

    MIX remaining 1/2 cup dressing and the soy sauce in large

    microwaveable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 20 sec. Add cabbage and onions;

    toss to coat. Transfer to large serving platter; top with meat.

    Sprinkle with sesame seed and cilantro.



    Salad Tips

    Here are tips for cleaning, storing, and preparing the greens you

    have selected for your great salad recipe.Cleaning

    How to Wash Greens

    Place leafy greens in basket of salad spinner. With salad spinner in

    sink, run cold water through spinner while turning the basket. Repeat

    once or twice, if necessary, to make sure greens are clean and dry.

    Pat dry with paper towels, if necessary. If you do not have a salad

    spinner, rinse greens under cold running water until clean. Then, pat

    dry with paper towels.

    How to Wash Fresh Herbs

    Always wash fresh herbs before use. Rinse small bunches under cold

    running water, then blot dry. Or when needing to clean a large amount

    of herbs, fill the sink with cold water and swish the herbs around to

    remove any dirt. Remove the herbs from the sink and place in a salad

    spinner to spin dry. Or, place on paper towels and gently blot dry.


    How to store Leafy Greens

    Store greens wrapped between dry paper towels, if desired, in a

    perforated plastic bag or loosely wrapped in a plastic bag in the

    refrigerator for up to 5 days.

    How to Store Long Stemmed Herbs

    Place long-stemmed fresh herbs, such as parsley, cilantro and dill,

    in a tall glass with the stem ends down. Fill with about an inch of

    cold water. Cover the leaves with a plastic bag and refrigerate until

    ready to use, changing the water every 2 days. Herbs should stay

    vibrant and fresh for about 5 days.


    How to Core Lettuce

    Holding head of lettuce so that bottom, or core end, faces a flat

    surface, bring the lettuce down hard against the surface to loosen

    core. Pull out core and discard.

    How to Prepare Lettuce

    Remove the core from the head of lettuce, then pull the lettuce apart

    from the core end and tear into bite-sized pieces. Do not chop tender

    lettuces, such as butterhead, with a knife since this can cause the

    lettuce to turn brown around the edges. Less delicate lettuces, such

    as romaine, can be cut but be sure to use a sharp knife.

    How to Shred Lettuce

    Cut head of cored iceberg lettuce in half. Place each half, cut side

    down, on cutting board. Cut across the halves into thin slices, then

    separate slices into shreds.

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    Christine Bergeron

    Default Summer-Fresh Salads

    Cool I see you also get the recipes from Kraft kitchens food and family

    Kelly <> wrote: Quick & Easy Steak Salad

    Prep Time:25 min

    Total Time:25 min

    Makes:4 servings



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