<P align="center">13 Easy Ways to Save on Electricity!

1. Be diligent about turning off lights when you leave a room and teach your children to do the same.

2. Use ceiling fans or personal fans instead of air conditioning. I have an 8" fan set up where it will blow directly on me when I am ironing, so I don't have to turn on the air conditioner. Open your windows during the cool part of the day and use ceiling fans to help circulate the cool air.

3. Use your microwave instead of your regular oven when you can; it uses less electricity and doesn't heat up the room.

4. Change from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs in your light fixtures.

5. Turn off your dishwasher during the dry cycle and let the dishes air dry.

6. During cold weather, after baking in your oven, turn it off and open the door, allowing the heat to help warm the room.

7. When buying new appliances, buy the most energy- efficient model you can afford.

8. Consider using insulated drapes and/or shades on your windows.

9. Try lowering the temperature on your water heater. Gradually lower it until you find the lowest temp you can live with. Even a few degrees can add up to savings on your utility bill.

10. Install an inexpensive insulated wrap on your water heater. Also, remember to just turn it off when you are going to be away from home for several days.

11. Call your electric company and ask if the rates are lower during certain "off-peak" hours. If so, plan to use your electric appliances during those times. For example, washing dishes, clothes and maybe doing some baking.

12. Air dry your clothes when possible. Your dryer is one of the biggest energy users in your home.

13. Experiment with washing your clothes in cold or at least warm water instead of hot. Washing even a few of your loads in cold water can save $$.