I don't think the original poster meant that folks should start getting rid of their pets. I think the idea is if you are considering a pet reconsider the cost and possible go smaller. We were considering a pet just a few months ago until I got diagnosed with astma.

But if you don't already have a pet and people are considering getting one they have to consider more than just the day to day cost. For example my aunt recently rescued some newborn kittens who were dropped off at the pound. She fed these kitties every four hours with baby bottles etc. Well her dog who had never been aggressive before toward any animal bit one of the kitties in its face and tore its eye socket etc. Major unforseen vet bill.

Also I want to thank the poster who responded to my question regarding staying warm in winter. I know it is the wrong season for many of us to consider staying warm but I like to prepare in advance with my tiny budget I like to buy a little at a time.

Tracy in VA

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