Hot cereal, Toast w/ butter & jelly, MYO eggs, Yogurt, Pancakes, Smothies

Leftovers, Veggies w/ hummus, Veggie barley soup w/ homemade crackers, Egg salad w/ fruit, PB & J w/ tortillas/salsa

Chicken marsala (thanks campbell's skillet) w/ broccoli & roasted potatoes
King's baked ham/swiss sandwiches w/ salad
Leftovers with pineapple jalapeno salsa

Ham & green beans (freezer meal) w/ italian bread
Caprese grilled chicken w/ roasted zucchini
Crockpot turkey chili (with leftovers to freeze) w/ homemade crusty bread
Homemade pasta with fire roasted tomatoes (progresso starter) w/ green beans