List Price: $9.99 Deal Price: $3.23 You Save: $6.76 (68%)EasyStart contains highly active beneficial bacteria cultures that boost the natural nitrifying bacteria which help break down fish wastes in an aquarium. The unique bacterial carrier in this product accelerates the growth of the good bacteria in the system while combatting any harmful bacteria present. Add this product to new aquariums when the first fish are added. It will help to get the beneficial bacteria started and grow quickly, these bacteria are necessary but are not present in newly setup aquariums, they are needed to take care of dangerous fish wastes including ammonia and nitrites. This product is also great to use where the beneficial bacteria population has been hurt or killed off. Due to medicating the aquarium or replacing filter inserts, media or substrate. EasyStart also keeps the aquarium water cleaner by removing heavy metals and other chemical pollutants. The result of using EasyStart is a cleaner and healthier environment that keeps fish active and looking their best. Expires Feb 27, 2013

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