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    Default Tomato Pie Recipe

    Here is an excellent recipe if you have loads of fresh tomatoes....

    pie crust

    2 pounds fresh ripe tomatoes, peeled and sliced

    fresh basil to taste, sliced or chopped

    1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese (divided)

    salt and pepper to taste

    1/3 cup mayonnaise

    2 Tbs lemon juice

    Heat the oven to 400.

    Lay the sliced tomatoes in the crust, salt and pepper as desired,

    sprinkle with the basil and 1 cup of the cheese. Thin the mayonnaise a

    bit with the lemon juice and spread over the cheese. Sprinkle the

    other 1/2 cup of the cheese on top.

    Roll out the rest of the pie crust and put on top, tucking the edges

    under the bottom layer and then pinching together between your thumb

    and the knuckle of your forefinger as you circle around the pie. Cut a

    few slits in the top crust.

    Bake the tomato pie for 25 minutes at 400.

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    Default Tomato Pie Recipe


    Lurker speaking up! I have been away for about 2 weeks on a WORKING

    vacation of sorts. Long story - death in the family and mother moving.

    I returned home to find 165 e-mails of all kinds. I spent most of the

    afternoon going through them. The ones I enjoyed the most were the ones

    with all the recipes from others in the group and Liss. Oh, what a

    wonderful time I had looking at all the recipes and trying to decide

    what to keep. Even for us working people, homecooking from time to time

    is frugal and fun. When I'm not at work during dinner the 4 of us still

    sit down to a family style meal because it's about the only time we are

    all together in one place. Are there other people/families that still

    do this? Just wondering if it is a "lost" tradition. Anyway, I enjoyed

    the recipes! If the subject doesn't interest me, as with some others, I

    know where the delete key is.

    Diane in IL



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