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I Want Six Pack Abs Version 2.0
Fitness VIP Studios (NJ)
Genre: Health & Fitness
Release Date: December 12, 2012

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I Want Six Pack Abs Version 2.0 (IWSPA2)
New & Improved 8 Week Body Transformation Journey
Created and Performed by World Known Fitness Coach Arnel Ricafranca

* 8 Weeks of Intense Workouts To Melt Off Your Unwanted Body Fat
* Complete Exercise Library For Perfect Form And Practice
* No In-App Purchases, You Get Everything
* High Quality Video
* Easy - To - Follow Timers and Exercise Demonstrations
* No Internet Needed After Downloads
* Apple TV Ready
* Workout Series Approved

The original "I Want Six Pack Abs (IWSPA)" is now new, improved, and mobile! This six pack abs workout program has been tweaked and refined from 16 weeks down to 8 intense weeks.

These workouts uses the same equipment as the original. You just need some dumbbells, chair or bench, a backpack (advanced), and a pull-up bar.

If you don't have a pull up bar, you can always substitute the exercises using resistance bands or replace them with bent over rows with dumbbells.

Now is the time for six pack abs!!!

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