List Price: $279.99 Deal Price: $119.99 You Save: $160.00 (57%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "You never know. You just never know which nosegrind, which turndown, which cross-stepping rip will be the one to make history. So you have two choices: record every move you make, or spend the rest of your life as that sad guy always talking about that one thing he did on a snowboard. No, seriously, it was amazing, you guys. The Swann Freestyle action cam proves that 1080p, 30fps video is worth a million words. It includes three different mounts for helmets and flat surfaces, and a casing that's waterproof to 65 feet. For a fraction of the price of the schmancy-name cams, you can have incontrovertible evidence of all your most thrilling victories. As for the agonizing defeats, well, nobody has to see those." Expires Feb 3, 2013

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