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Early Bird
Booyah, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 25, 2011
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The #1 game in over 25 countries and featured by Apple as a &#34;Quick-Fix&#34; game... more than 8 million users can&#39;t be wrong - Early Bird is a SMASH HIT!

Help the Early Bird catch the worm! But be careful, challenges await as you flutter through over 160 amazing levels. Discover beautiful landscapes & earn achievements as you swipe your way to success in this incredible action puzzle game.

But don’t just listen to us, here’s what others are saying:

&#34;Lush, cheery cartoon art and music are Early Bird&#39;s best features...&#34; - Touch Arcade

&#34;Early Bird is an utterly adorable iOS app. The enjoyment you’ll get out of playing through its many levels is priceless.&#34; - Gamezebo

&#34;Great graphics and animation; lots of content for a low price; addictive physics-based gameplay.&#34; - Slide to Play



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